My name is Giorgio Ciaccio.

I am a photographer based in Edinburgh, UK.

And as you will see from the images on this website I am an avid lover of photography and anything to do with cameras.

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Ideas for Project 3

An audiovisual clip based on the #metoo campaign, where I have my interview subject talk about the campaign and what it means to them, The place/location that the video would be based on would be her body, and her mentality, shown through the sequence of images. An audio from a music student friend or band member … Continue reading Ideas for Project 3

Project 3

For Project 3 we will be engaging with the mechanics of recording and editing sound, use of sequential still images, the art of interviewing and the logistics and legalities of additional audio downloads. The outcome of the project will be a 1.5 minutes audio – visual piece. Research should include listening, analyzing and comparing the … Continue reading Project 3

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