Aces & Eights 03.02.2017

Featuring: A Void, Bloody English & Powderhead

A Void was a french rock female duo, one guitarist/singer, and a drummer. They did very punk-ish style of music and they were very active, especially the guitarist. The songs were great and had like such a tone to the voice that it felt like they came from somewhere deep within, making more personal. (A Void)

2Days2Late were very London-esque in their style of rap-rock mixed style. But what came out from this rather strange mix was really good and they had some great songs, with a strong focus on making a connection between them and their audience. They were 4 guys, two guitarists, a vocalist and a drummer. The guitar solos were great, really showed an air of professionalism, but putting these great guitarists with an energetic drummer and a hyped vocalist, it was great how they all molded together. (2Days2Late)

Powderhead, well at first they were a bit too big of a band, with two guitarists, one bassist, a drummer and a female vocalist. So they had to have the bassist and vocalist on the ground but that didn’t matter they were utterly great, I mean the bassist let rip with just going everywhere and headbanging, like you’d expect from a rock bassist, while the front vocalist just walked around in front of them like she owned the stage, and she was great, really showing that women can do rock just as well if not better than men. And they had such a like webbed feel around them as if even if not focusing, they worked as one. (Powderhead)


The venue itself was quite small, especially the stage, and the lighting wasn’t the best, but the bar/pizzeria above it is highly recommended. I think the venue itself is more suited to duos or solo performers than full on bands, but each band did as best they could. (Aces & Eights)

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