Junction Fiver 25.03.2017

Featuring: Marna, Saps & Deep City

Marna were so good, a group of local sixth form urban styled rockers who worked so well together that it is visible that they have practiced alot and had alot of experience. And each of their own personalities shows through and makes the band what it is, and that is this diverse mix of people, who have moulded into this band who have some great songs, all self-written and some songs with very personal meanings, others being upbeat, rock-styled dance songs. (Marna)

Saps were an all boy band, with three guitarists and a drummer, their songs were more mellow than Marna, but there was still some power behind them, but more in the lyrics than the music itself. They all seemed to be working separately with infrequent glances at each other, but even with this, there seems to be a connection between them, where they who where they all are, and what they all need to do. And there is almost this leisurely, summer time morning feel about it. (no band website found)

Deep City, well the vocalist owned the stage, completely letting the music take him over, dancing on stage while he sung and interacted with his other band members. Then the way he would sit on the edge of the stage and sing straight to the crowd (who loved that). Their music was a lot more like club-rock, as this was seem with the way that much moreĀ of the crowd were dancing to their songs, making it possible is the fact that their lyrics are more focused on fitting with the music. And there didn’t seem as much of a personal connection to the songs from the band members. (Deep City)

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