Boston Music Room 05.05.2017

Featuring: Ellis Slater, Critics & SayWeCanFly

Ellis Slater was very individual, and his songs were so powerful, not all for the lyrics but for the emotion he put into the performance and his voice. Ellis is a one man band which you’d think should be quite hard to do, but somehow he just makes it work so well and just creates this wonderful emotive performance. He worked with the crowd, asking them questions and telling them small jokes, it made it more intimate between him and the viewers, which I thought was a really nice touch. (Ellis Slater)


Critics were wonderful, just the way they flowed together, and worked off the energy of the crowd and the fact that they mixed; acoustic, electric piano and vocals all together into this very mixed up, unknowingly really well placed together band who make some great songs, which are very upbeat and positive and just so funny to see live, and to listen to and hear the optimistic lyrics, which seem more personal to the artists than the audience. But really, all in all, just a great band to get the crowd in the mood for the main leading band of this night. (Critics)

SayWeCanFly was an experience, to say the least, I mean firstly he, just bust on stage to so many applauses and just got on with playing his songs, which even if not delivered with so much vigour as Ellis, had an even deeper meaning to the artist themselves and anyone who may have been through the same thing. And even with being a single piece band with one guitarist/vocalist he made it just work, I mean as soon as he went unplugged and sat in front of the crowd it all became so much more intimate and unrealistic in the way that he held the audience’s attention and then paused to let them ask him questions and ask most to sit around him, like as if we had been transported from a venue indoors to a campfire in his home country (Canada). He seemed so deep into his element that the songs he sung seem to come out so purely and naturally. There was such a majesty in how he played and cared for the audience’s experience. (SayWeCanFly)

The venue is well known, and has big names playing at it frequently. It has two venues within it, one which is the smaller one, which this gig was set in, which was on the ground floor, with a grand standing place, some tables to sit around and a bar to order drinks from. The Venue is very well recommended, and it is also recommended to arrive earlier than your concert, as the que outside can get quite long, and no one likes standing around waiting. But the stage, sound system, and venue on a whole, was just so great and cozy, yet with this air of history and story within it. (Boston Music Room)

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