Portland Arms 06.05.2017

Featuring: Powderhead, Meet Me at Dawn & Electric Alley

Powderhead and two new songs, and were just in the moment. This time with a new band member as their second guitarist had left, they had replaced him and it worked just as well, I mean they still sounded great with some great new heavy songs, accompanied by their great stage presence. (Powderhead)


Meet Me at Dawn were so driven and energetic. The bassist and guitarist just got right down to it, trashing out great riffs and tunes, while the drummer went all out (even had his own drummer solo) and finally the vocalist interacted with both the crowd and his band members, which just created this feel that they all loved & enjoyed doing what they did together and that this, in turn, made the gig that much better. (Meet Me At Dawn)

Electric Alley as much as they were originally from Spain, sounded so good as if they were a local band, great English, great vocals, and lyrics.  Their songs were head-trashing songs, and full of vigor and personality, like each was separated from the other, yet intertwined at the same time. They had a very interesting sense of style, each was as unique as the other. The band on a whole was all long haired, lost in the music and loud, yet with a sense of professionality. (Electric Alley)


Portland Arms as always was a great small independent venue, with great lighting, really kind helpful staff and an intimate close feel to it, as there is no barrier between audience and artist.

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