Junction Fiver 12.05.2017

Featuring: Underground Odyssey, Meet Me At Dawn, Tundra, The Extons & False Hearts

The Underground Odyssey as really good, with their own way of mixing an excellent electric pianist, with an almost jazz-like saxophonist with the stereotypical shady bassist, intensely focused drummer and frontman with great vocals without forgetting his energy of both singing and playing his guitar. They all mashed up into this really unique electrical jazz rock band which just sounded really great. (Underground Odyssey)

Meet Me At Dawn were as they were before; powerful as the frontman strode the stage like it was his, connected as the two guitarists both had interactions with the frontman, and just very upbeat with one slow, deep song wich was so great because it showed how they could diversify what they do, from upbeat pop-punk(ish) music to slow calm, emotional music.And the drummer as much as he was separated from the other three band member was just in his element and near to the end, moved closer to the crowd and just went for it. (Meet Me At Dawn)

Tundra, as much as I wasn’t expecting a three piece band really surprised me, I mean it’s not ‘normal’ to have a three-piece rock band. But they just blew me away, they were so good, I mean each song was just as good as the last. And they worked so well as a very hyped up drummer, jumpy female guitarist and longhaired rocking frontman (even if I’m unsure if he was the frontman or if both guitarists were the front band members) But on a whole, putting this three piece band into one word would be unusually awesome. I mean, they had me wanting to get up there and rock with them.  I look forwards to seeing them again! (Tundra)

The Extons looked like a few Greasers from the old days with their black jeans and white tops. They were three guitarists accompanied by one drummer. The main lead vocalist owned the central stage while the two guitarists alongside him interacted with each other in this battling sort of way, and the one to the left repeatedly reached out to the crowd, and this battling, greaser-fashioned rock band was great, a total enjoyment to watch and had some great songs to play. (The Extons)

False Hearts are a leather wearing rock band with a female fronted vocal guitarist. They played mostly all their songs apart from covering Pretty Reckless’s Heaven Only Knows in such a great way! Their songs were great in the way it intertwined the three guitarists and their drummer. They seem to have a decently sized following wich had followed them as there was a group in the crowd singing along to their songs. (False Hearts)

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