Terra 26.8.2017

Featuring: Shrykull, Psoty, Space Witch & Terra

Shrykull was a two piece band made up of a drummer and vocalist/guitarist. Which together formed this bass heavy black metal band, with the vocalist having a deep long vocals. While the drummer just seemed to be in some other world, going crazy on the drummers, and just letting rip. It was great how they had covers of other songs and both fast loud songs, to slower more vocally focused songs.


Psoty were 2 guitarists with a bassist and a drummer. They are from Peterborough and they were focused on the noises rather than vocals. As there were no vocals, only guitar rifts, drummer rampages and bassist madness. They had a great outlay with four red lamp-bulbs lighting up the stage, giving it this eary lighting, which created these great shadows on the walls around them. They got the crowd going and really got lost in their music, each band member keeping to their own insturment.


Space Witch were a four piece electrical and bass guitar stengthened metal band. The lead vocalist was realy energetic and jumpy and pumped with each song, getting more ‘powered-up’ with each song. And each song just seemed to flow into the next one with the constact underlining guitarist and drummer. Not much in terms of vocals, they were more focused on the way they mixed the electrical noises with the guitars and drumbeat.


Terra were all they are said to be and more. They had astounding vocals. And the drummer really had a proffesional look about him, with such intense focus on playing, just like the bassist of the band, who really knew how to head-bang. In terms of songs it was of course all their songs, and they played them out like clockwork, even if you felt like yyou were being part of something new and not yet seen. And they just made such a racket, that just seemed to mesh itself all up into this great sound.


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