Ideas for Visual Exercise 1

  1.  For this first image, I have both used various objects such as a jar of Nutella, Prit-Stick, a bottle of Irn-Bru and various other assortments, and placed them at different distances from each other to make one seem greater than the other, when truth be told, the one which appears greater, in reality, is smaller. Or if it is seen to be more fitting, I shall use images taken at the recent gig I went to for this first image. In these gig photos, the audience being in the foreground are in focus and the artists are in focus.
  2.  Please look at image description number 4
  3.  For this certain image, I shall either use a tripod and go to a road at night and let cars drive by as I try to capture their streaking light as it passes by. Or hold the camera on some sort of solid surfaces to capture the movement of a band at a gig.
  4. For this image (and image number 2), I will be using images from a recent pub gig I photographed where I was able to get very close to the artist and get more isolated shots of the musician playing.
  5.  For a shoot involving higher ISO, I have taken inspiration from a recent PVRIS music video, for their song ‘White Noise’. And in turn, I shall use a dark room, with no light yet white noise from my laptop, and try to use that white noise to light up certain parts of me.

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