Visual Exercise 1 Outline

“This module will help you develop an understanding of the core practical, creative and technical skills required for photography today. Throughout this module, you will apply these skills to creative practical exercises in photographic projects.”

Using natural/available light, produce the following 5 images, which make creative use of the exposure controls (aperture, shutter speed, ISO/gain) on your camera.
Demonstrate a creative purpose to your selection, which should be integral to your chosen subjects. Your decision making should be affected by such things as time of day, weather conditions and the direction and angle of light.
Looking at the extremes of use of aperture and shutter speed, make one picture from each of the following areas:

1. Where the subject matter has the foreground and background integral to the image. This would be with a large depth of field e.g. f 22

2. Where a subject matter is isolated from its surroundings and where you selectively consider detail within the shot. This would be with a small depth of field e.g. f 2

3. a) Where the subject matter displays evidence of movement (blurring). This would be with a slow shutter speed. Use of a tripod will be necessary.

3. b) Where the subject matter displays evidence of frozen movement. This would be a subject matter which lends itself to a fast shutter speed.

4. Where the ISO / Gain is set to high (i.e 3200) and your image is taken in low light conditions, making sure that your exposure is correct.


You should aim to have your images shot and uploaded to your blog no later than Friday 4:00pm 30th of September.
Give a brief description of each image on your blog.

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