Place of choice

Place- Opium Alternative Bar / Club, Cowgate, Edinburgh

  • What did you first notice?

It is quite squished in between two other clubs and is very alternative with its clientele and the music it plays. And that the aesthetics it’s going for are quite separate to what you’d expect from a club, more of a pub, with a dancefloor.

  • What did you hear?
    • The music I love (rock, metal, punk, alternative, screamo…)
    • People enjoying themselves and talking, yet still appreciating the music
    • Just a sense of togetherness, as if even when everyone has arrived separately or as a group.
  • How does it make you feel?

At home, adrenalized and just like not afraid to be different. Like here I can be myself without fear of being outcast/isolated or judged.

  • What interested you in the first place?

The fame and history it has behind it of being the oldest bar/club of it’s kind in Edinburgh. In fact probably one of the last of its kind here. And the people who come to this bar, and how they can range from these unique fashion ideas to the typical person you’d see on the streets.

  • Quality & direction of light?

The lighting at the drinks area is great as it is constant. While on the dance floor it’s frequently changing colour, yet there is no strobe lighting or any other form of intrusive lighting.

  • Best way to capture location?

Go there during the night, arrive when it opens and stay till close, taking as many photos as possible in each section of the bar/club. And focus on focalising the key features of the location and how the people are when they are there, to capture the emotion/feel of the place.

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