Final selection for Exercise 2- Documenting a Location


The location itself is often full of chatter, music and life. Yet when all the people who fill it’s rooms disappear, leaving it barren and empty. There’s this almost melancholic atmosphere to the whole place. Af it was a ruin of what it used to be. As if everything has been left how it is seen in the images, and that it’s a location of dejection and past memories and life.
Just like art, this bar hasn’t been finished or in its case, closed. It has only been abandoned.

Yet I have talked to my professor about these outcomes and he help me realise that there are two images which are not of the best level of quality and I did try to get entry back into the bar at a time when it would be empty but the manager of the bar was having none of it, so this has taught me to rememberĀ to have a rough plan for when I arrive at locations for photo-shoots. I was unable to improve the weaker images, yet I only have them to use with the 3 stronger images. But this incident has taught me a very important lesson!

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