First image Shoot

For this first image, I went to a long-abandoned lighthouse at Newhaven. ( I went there around 5pm to try and capture the light as the sun was setting, and the weather that day was very overcast which helped with the image, yet the clouds were infrequently covering the sunlight, so we’d have moments of having no light at all. So as much as this was not helpful to the shoot, I believe that the outcomes from this 1hour bus ride were worth it. And my model was great, in the way she just let herself go, and just be herself at the same time.

Google image of the abandoned Lighthouse

These are 5 of my favourite outcomes from this shoot, and the reasons why.


These images and this shoot on a whole were inspired by Annie Lebovitz, mainly from her Disney shoots in the way that it has a model dressed up as a character from a film (in this case an anime not Disney). Unlike Annie, I was unable to create a whole studio setting, but a friend had told me about this abandoned lighthouse and I liked the sound of it.
And after taking the images, with a focus on seeing how the lighting enlightens the subject and location. I tried to look at how they compared to her work. As much as there isn’t such a fame behind the film I am portraying, let alone the model I am using. I like how they have turned out. Especially the corridor shot!

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