Walking around Edinburgh

“The Scots think of it as their capital; they’re too possessive, Edinburgh belongs to the world.” (Richard Demarco)

These images were taken during a walk I took with my sister when she came to visit. We walked from Merchiston to Stockbridge and took more of the scenic route around. I think that as a city there is so much to capture and memories about it, yet why not put two things together. For this city is beautiful with its reddish cloud filled sunsets from Arthurs Seat, white raindrops in the morning and dark blonde leaves of autum.

I love this city, and I really liked how these images have come out in terms of contrast in colours and the focusing of the subject instead of the background location.

Yet if I were to redo this shoot, I would have liked to have tried to do the same images, yet with different clothing. Maybe having clothing that has an even stronger juxtaposition to the surroundings, or to have a model who is from here, to add a stronger sense of place.

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