Exercise 4- Inspired

  • Identify a minimum of 5 photographs that you are particularly
    inspired by– reinterpret these images and emulate the style and form in which each image has been constructed. – You are to use images from a minimum of 3 different photographers.
  • The emphasis here is on the craft of image making and the creative
    application of technical skills: – As such, you are to avoid creative interpretations that veer away from the technical skills that the photographer applied when creating their desired outcomes. E.g., If the photographer didn’t use Photoshop then you shouldn’t – Be realistic in your level of scale and ambition with this project & you have limited budget and time.
  • You are to work individually.
  • Give a full account of your decision-making process and of the technical aspects of the project on your Blog.
  • Your Blog should show both the original image

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