Ideas for Project 4

  • IMAGE 1- Someone starting at the lighting of Harvey Nichols shop-front at night, with inspiration from Samuel Robbins images which were inspired by Andrew Curtis.
  • IMAGE 2- Fire eater at ENSA Halloween Takeover night, with inspiration from Antony Stanley (Fire Eater)
  • IMAGE 3- Due to my passion for concert photography an image at an upcoming concert in the style of Matthias Hombauer.
  • IMAGE 4- I’ve always wanted to use a portrait studio so I’ll definitely be aiming to capture a Studio portrait shot inspired by some Google Images.
  • IMAGE 5- With the fact that this is the first-year of university for me. And all of my flatmates are fans of clubbing not forgetting the fact that it’s a growing, yet already a big nighttime activity. Maybe try to capture some Club Photos.

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