Fire Eater

The image by Stanley is what inspired me. And with being the photographer at the Edinburgh Napier Student Union Bar Halloween event. I thought I’d try to follow his image of the fire eater. I know that the composition of my image is not the same, yet I decided to do this because my fire-eater had two ‘fire sticks’ and I wanted to capture both of them. His image has more detail and clarity in it, yet due to health and safety reasons, I was not allowed in close proximity to the performer.

The photographer was trying to show the fact of how close fire eaters place the fire to themselves, and how far they go to show their art and performance skills. And also how they’re beautifully coloured.
As the images go, it completes its goals/objectives by having a tight close-up of the performer with the fire over their mouth, the flame enlightens the face and emphasises the colour. The performance skill and art are seen in the action which has been captured in the image. While the mood of the image is almost magical and intense! The magical atmosphere comes from the way that the fire eater doesn’t seem fazed by the flames, and it could be seen that maybe the performer is either breathing or actually eating the fire like a mythological creature. Also intense in the way that the fire is rising upwards and crackling, while the man’s eyes are focusing on the flames.



And in terms of outcomes from that night, with the focus being on the fire eater, it’s not one of my preferred outcomes.


My prefered outcome from the shoot, due to the clarity, detail & colour.


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