Guitarist Mixed Vocalist

John’s image has the intensity of the guitarist as they look down on their instrument, putting all their emotion into playing, and all their concentration into paying their music.

The artist message is to show that within the performance, the guitarist is getting lost in their playing. The fact it’s in black and white also emphasises the fact that there’s a separation from the musician to the surroundings she in. The fact she’s lost in her music is exemplified by the way that her eyes are focused downwards on the guitar, and it almost looks as if she’s separate from that location as seen through the back and white colour scheme as if to say she is physically there, but ‘spiritually’ absent.
The image is a female musician, in the middle of a performance, truly lost in the moment. Meanwhile, the lighting comes from behind, and above the camera. It totally lights her up and adds shadows to her figure. And the atmosphere created by this image is that of musically created state of spiritual euphoria.
The title of the photo is the name of the band of which the musician is a part of.
My image in the meantime has more of a background while his backdrop is empty with a few overhead light streaks. I like the detail both images have, and the way that they capture the intense concentration of the musicians.

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