Wannabe Andy Biersack

This front cover image on Kerrang! Magazine has been taken by Paul Harries. Harries has been Kerrang’s lead lensman for a very long time now. and this image is of course set in a studio, with artificial lighting and a white backdrop.

Harries was trying to capture Biersack’s rock and roll through the clothing he is wearing and the pose he is holding the opened leather jacket. While the lighting adds detail and clarity to the image. While the mood of the image being somewhat of an ideology that he is in some form this high/supreme being is completed with a slightly upwards looking camera tilt and the way that he takes up all the ‘canvas’.

My image on the other hand, as much as it is set in the exact same settings, it has a difference in subject clothing, as the model used didn’t have such clothing, yet I believe that this is good as it creates a separation between the two models. No two models are the same in fashion and style, so this difference between the inspired image and the original image is creating a much-needed sense of spacing between the two.

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