My Name Is Nobody

Babak Fatholahi was trying to give this idea from the name, that this model, is like anyone else. As if she is not individual or unique in any way. The enlightening lighting coming from above details her facial features and hair. Her hand is on her chest, holding her other arm close, maybe trying to insight this idea of shyness and awkwardness.
The models clothing is bland and contrasts lightly with the backdrop, while my subject has a more intense contrast between subject and backdrop. Both images colour palettes are monochrome, which adds this atmosphere of history as if these were taken in the past. And this is further intensified by the added noise/scratches. The emotions of the model seem hopeful, yet with a hint of morbid emptiness. While my model has more of an intense/interested look as if she is contemplating something.
The title to my image, ‘What Is Out There?’ addresses the emotion in the eyes of my model and her gaze, while it still holds true to the composition of the last image, yet my image has more lighting, this could give the impression as a flatmate said of ‘religious enlightenment’.
“What is out there? Is there a God? Are we alone?”

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