Project 1- Communication/Contextualization/Copyright

As photographers, we communicate through images. We construct narratives, tell stories, impart information, seek to inform, persuade, make visible our ideas, beliefs. The context in which they are disseminated plays an integral role in their reception, in how they are ‘read’. Presented in a Gallery, the imagery will be titled, follow on from an opening statement, appear in an accompanying publication. Within a magazine, newspaper, journal, images will be overwritten with text, set aside an article, hopefully, contain a byline. The transfer of images from one context to another may well strip meaning as well as ownership, a particular consideration when presenting work on the web.

  1. When posting imagery on your blog it is essential that all metadata (including titles and copyright) is attached and accessible.
  2. Using a Found Image, shift the reading through addition/replacement of text.
  3. Sequence and contextualise 5 images of previous personal work and export to blog.

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