Commercial Image 1 (advert)

This is an advert for the movie Dunkirk, which came out on July 21st, 2017.

The text adds context to the image, if there hadn’t been any text above the image it would be possible to view this as a small ship passing a burning oil rig of some sort. While adding the text to the image, sets the scene, location and time of this image. Of course, the image is a still from the movie and is setting out to intrigue the viewer.
The fact that the writing is in white and also clouded by the smoke makes it seem part of the placing and also to further make the fact it’s a movie more eye-catching. Then the colour of the hidden fire/burning is seen behind the intense amount of smoke.
After reading the text and seeing the PG-13, as well as the July 21st it’s very hard not to see this image as anything but an advert for a movie. And the ‘400.000 men couldn’t get home, so home came for them truly does strengthen the historic correctness and accounting of this movie. Adding to the viewer the form of a movie that Dunkirk is, and what it’s set around.

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