Pin-up Feeback & Self Reflection

When it came to peer assessment of my outcome from this gig, various people could see and agreed with my change,  some even said they liked it. This was a good reception from my peers, yet I was hoping to get some more critical feedback which my lecturer gave me.
My lecturer talked about the rather abrasive use of the word ‘alternative’. She agreed that as a store itself, EMP caters to a different group of people to high street brands, which would, of course, make it rather alternative in its themes, yet, “alternative” is such a wide umbrella term which withholds so many different fashion styles, ideologies and lifestyles. So I should’ve found a more if not specific, detailed/clear word to use. Following on from this she talked about how an adverts image cannot simply relate to the text as a matter of point, it is more that they must complement each other. Then, she finished off by saying that I should’ve dug deeper into the whole sector of model recruitment posters, as with deeper research and understanding, my outcome could’ve been a more professional looking poster.

Personally, I like what I did and like my peers, I believe that the use of a backdrop modelled subject image compliments the text. Yet at the same time, I would agree with my lecturer,  of course, some pre-rewrite research into that specific genre of poster could’ve helped me greater come out with a better outcome.
It’s really just realising that you can’t use big umbrella terms within the commercial world of photography and that an advert/recruitment poster must fit the companies mantra & statement as well as style. Not forgetting that as a singular page in a magazine, it needs to fit in with a wide range of viewers.

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