Project 2: Part One

A Brief:
A concise, succinct statement
A memorandum determined in form by set rules OR an outline, summary or synopsis.

Briefs inform the purpose, structure and outcome of projects.
Whether the client is a multi-national, an advertising agency, a
local gallery or yourself, a brief focuses the creative response.
Context, audience, style, time frame, budget, production output are
all determined, as well as assisted, by the Brief. A Brief positions
the field of research, at the same time drawing on past
experimentation and related methodological approaches.

Your group, as commissioning agent, will construct a brief for the
production of ONE of the following:
– An image for the front cover of a book Groups 1-3
– An image for a product promotion Groups 4-6
– An editorial image for a magazine article Groups 7-9

Further parameters: Single image, still-life studio (no people), to
be shot digitally on a time scale of no more than 3 hours.

Your group will pitch your Brief in class on Wednesday the 21st of
February in Room E7 Merchiston. 3 copies of Brief from each
group to be submitted at the time of Pitch.

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