Questions & Answers for the Brief

  1. Which woman’s health magazine it’s for?
  2. Size & style of the magazine?
  3. What image size do they want?
  4. Is it the top or bottom of the page?
  5. What type of toothbrush?
  6. What type of toothpaste?
  7. What article is it for?
  8. Do you want us to have the whole toothbrush or a close-up? (Larger than life or realistic)
  9. Could you sketch what you want?
  10. Do you want shadows or not?
  11. What personality does the toothbrush have?
  12. Can we be creative or is this clinical?

The Magazine is just called ‘Woman’s Health’, like a reflection of the well known Men#s Health magazine. The magazine size is the standard US, the other group can’t quite remember the specifics of size, but it’s just bigger than 8”x 10”. And the image itself is to fill one page of the magazine, no need to make the whole images too big.

When talking about the type of brush and paste is up to the photographer, so this means somewhat more freedom around the creativity. The article this image is to be placed in is on keeping teeth healthy.

Relatively close up shot, the example images show roughly what the brief group are wanting. There should be no shadows, with a clinical style, with of course even lighting around the subject in question.

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