Q&A for our Brief

-Are you going to print it for us?
-If not, which size do we have to print it?
-Do we really need to use a mirror?
-Do we really have to use coffee?
-What do you imagine the composition of the picture to be like?
-What colours would you like for us to emphasise?
-Do we really have to make a billboard?
-Does it have to be horizontal or vertical?
(This shows us that our Brief needed to be more precise and detailed about what exactly what we wanted.)

The answers are as follows;
You will be expected to print off the image for us in A4, as per Project guidelines, and in full colour. For the mirror and coffee, as much as we put these down in the prop section of our Brief they are not 100% essential as this brief is aimed at both getting something dynamic and new, which is within our guidelines and around the photographers’ creativity.
As for composition, this image needs to have a focus on Red Bull, as that is the product we are trying to sell with this image. Colour emphasis is to be on the Blue and Red of the Red Bull can, as we want that to be the subject of the image which really captures the viewer’s attention. You have no need to print it at billboard size, as stated in our Brief we would be wanting the final image sent to us via Google Drive, where we will then pass it onto our own company to print it off.
And finally, as it is a billboard we will be needing it to be a landscape image, as that is how many roadside billboards are formatted.

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