Brief outcome


This is my groups final outcome to the toothpaste brief we were given.

At the presentation of our outcome we talked about how we had talked about various set ups for this image, how the Brief had been rather vague as to where it was being placed into the magazine. As to this, we responded by contacting members of the other group and asking them various questions about their Brief (just like the group which had our brief did as well). Then from here we were able to come to a finalized plan out action as to how we would reach our goal.
For the shoot, we booked the room needed, and made sure that we all found a time suitable for us. Then I brought my camera, Tessa brought the toothbrush and toothpaste, while Miriam set up the studio before me and Tessa arrived. We used 2 lighting sources- one soft-box, the other a snoot. Then to get the white background, and to allow the toothbrush to be illuminated all over, we used a lighting box.

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