Project 3

For Project 3 we will be engaging with the mechanics of recording and
editing sound, use of sequential still images, the art of interviewing and
the logistics and legalities of additional audio downloads.

The outcome of the project will be a 1.5 minutes audio – visual piece.
Research should include listening, analyzing and comparing the
various ways podcasts, radio and television interviews, tedtalks, etc
engage listeners through image, sound and voice.

You will source a space/place to investigate, interview and record
individual(s) reflections/personal stories, record ambient sound,
consider additional, supportive audio, sequence 6-12 images (images
can be used in whole or part multiple times), and, using audacity and imovie
(or other, suitable, free downloads), construct a 1.5 min audiovisual
When interviewing consider how you ask questions as well as what
questions you ask. You will be editing out your voice from all but a brief
introduction and possible, brief, ending, so you will need to structure
your questions and direct your interviewees for forms of response that
flow without your intervention. Importantly, consider how you listen.
Research and play with recording your own or downloading creative
commons sound effects and music to ground, enrich, further the
narrative you are producing.

All research, experimentation and reflection to appear on your blog.
Edited finished piece to be uploaded to your blog for presentation on
Wednesday 25 April at 10am in the Daylight Studio D19 Merchiston.

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